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Battering Ram: A person lies face down on the hood of the car wearing a crash helmet. Three pine boards, each 12 inches wide and an inch thich are suspended in the car's path at a height which allows only the lower one to be broken. The trick is to use the person's head to break the board, as the driver accelerates through the boards. (Sometimes these pine boards would be on fire)



Double Fire Wall: Two cars approaching from opposite directions crash simutaneously through a flaming cedar wall with 12 foot clearance.


Coffin Crash: Burning Car in the middle of the track, Driver rams another car at full speedside in an attempt to cut the burning car in half


Ice Wall Crash: Crash would line up at one end of the track, usually in an open top car such as a convertible. Accelerating to a speed of at least 60 mph would then ram car into 3,000 pounds of blocked ice.


Double Ice Wall crash: Crash and his wife would begin with their cars lined up back to back at the starting line. Speeding through the criss-cross paved infield, they would then make impact at a rate of 60mph into 6,000 total pounds of ice.