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Later Years...

After one significant stunt in 1968; where husband and wife started at opposite ends of the track and perform a head on collision at 60 miles perhour rate of speed; Crash would go on to perform alone only accompanied by his then son of 10; Randy.

He would continue to travel across the United States looking for audiences to perform his death defying stunts of the Human Battering Ram or the Ice Wall Crash, and even encompassing a new one titled "The Coffin Crash".

As other thrill shows phased out or transpired into more of a precision driving show, Crash was one of the only persons to maintain a Stunt thrill show, that was sure to end in a crash every time.


In the early 70's he would meet up with a track promoter named Bob Harmon who would keep him busy well after the summer months would end, and taking him to new areas in the mid west.

Being a big success, Crash Wilson was determined to come up with a stunt that was sure to knock the socks of any thrill show before him as well as the audiences. He would jump the 521 feet across Alabama River. However, this stunt would never be performed by him, as he would die in 1978 of health reasons before the event was supposed to transpire.