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Early Years...

In 1957, Renssalear raceway was looking for new ways to promote the raceway, and their auto stock car races. One successful way was to come up with an intermission stunt between the races that would grab the attention of the fans. The track owner and promoter decided on a stunt that had a car jumping over a full greyhound bus, which was a pretty big deal for this time.

Enlisting some of the other drivers and Crash Wilson, they set the event. The crowd on the night of July 4, 1957 was the largest to ever witness an event at this speedway. They were not to be disappointed. The standing room only crowd watched as Crash Wilson jumped the greyhound bus, flying as high as the grandstand roof using an older 1948 Chevy. As he landed into the crash cars on the other side, the entire crowd was silent, not knowing whether the man inside was dead or alive. As Crash Wilson was pulled from the wreckage, lifting an arm in triumphant; the entire crowd went crazy. This event paved the way for the success of the raceway as well as Crash Wilson's career.





In August, he would marry Jane Truax, a woman he had fallen in love with from a neighboring town. Joining his troupe of the "Death Defiers"; she would be billed in shows as the only woman driver in the exacting "sports" of tearing up automobiles. The husband and wife duo would go on to perform stunts such as the "Double Battering Ram", "Ice Wall crash" and Bus "leaps"


No matter which raceway or which stunt they would perform, each would end with a crash; electrifying hundreds into the thousands of fans...