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 The Man...

Born in 1922 in Detroit Michigan, the world would have to wait a couple of decades before seeing the great stuntman perform.


He would leave Michigan in his late teens, and make his way to Illinois, where he signed up for a branch of the Armed Services, so that he could help fight for his Country in a great time of need; only to have to leave soon thereafter due to injury and health related occurences.


As he made his way back and forth across the United States, driving trucks for many companies, he would meet many new and interesting people, also learning a lot of new ideas and concepts.


He would watch other stunt shows and eventually decide to become a driver himself, and excel in the "sport" of crashing cars.


In 1957 he would showcase in a promotion event for Rensalear Speedway. Soon after this event, he would meet his future wife; Janie Wilson. She decided to join him in stunt driving and they formed a group known as the "Death Defiers"; which would later turn into the "Rebel Hell Drivers."  They would then perform together, and then later with their son across the United States thrilling crowds everywhere they went.